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Innovation activities together with the internal organization capabilities, creativity, experience and knowledge lead to the emergence of innovative ideas aiming to satisfy new or existing market needs, improve existing products, services, processes or the organization itself.
Our innovation activities are driven and monitored by an Ecosystem that acts as an innovation orchestrator.

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Innovation Ecosystem

Innovation Ecosystem: Organization
Organizational Interface

Addresses the aspects of the intrinsic capabilities of the organization, the stimulation of the creative processes and knowledge management, both internal and external. Within this scope, we manage and promote the following activities:

  • InnovAction
  • MomentIno
  • Working with Business Units
  • KShare
  • Pack DinamIna
  • Innovation Troopers
Innovation Ecosystem: Market
Market Interface

Focuses on the observation and analysis of potential customers, new markets and trends. Intellectual property management is also addressed in this interface. Within this scope, we manage and promote the following activities:

  • Market intelligence pack
  • BizzDays
  • Intellectual property monitoring
Innovation Ecosystem: Technology
Scientific and technological Interface

Ensures monitoring, prediction, forecasting and collaboration activities with external technological and scientific entities. Within this scope, we manage and promote the following activities:

  • RDI Projects
  • TechDays
  • Technological partnerships

Partnerships with R&D Institutions

Research Areas

We continuously engage in collaborative Research, Development and Innovation projects as part of our sustained strategy for technological leadership. To this end, we play an active role in the Innovation Ecosystem, working in partnership with world class universities, R&D Institutions, suppliers and clients in several projects, based on a risk sharing model, resorting to external funding from the major national and international research and innovation support programs. To ensure value creation and positive return to the society, we guarantee that knowledge transfer occurs in all our initiatives.

Exploratory innovation activities are set around strategic themes, namely: Cloud technologies (computing and networking), Smart Living, Internet of Things and Smart Objects, Big Data, 5G and Future Networks, Optical Framework Evolution, Digital Services & Platforms, Security & Privacy.

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Featured Projects

City Action
City Action

Integrated technology platform for smart city operation.

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Mobile Obiquitous Small Cells for Low-cost Energy and Spectrum efficient cloud service delivery.

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Knowledge and Innovation

Main Publications


For a group like Altice, which has a very clear investment strategy in Telecom and Media, a technological publication such as InnovAction, is particularly relevant, firstly as a vehicle to share the most relevant technologic developments and knowledge throughout the group’s operations all over the world and, secondly, as a way to reinforce Altice’s firm commitment to technological innovation and the future.

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