Integrated Quality, Innovation, Environment, Health and Safety Policy

Altice Labs promotes a culture based on quality and continuous improvement of its processes and products, in a constant search for increased efficiency, effectiveness and productivity, supported, when needed, in strategic partnerships with market leaders that complement and ensure the quality of supply, aiming understanding, meeting and even exceeding our clients’ needs and expectations, while constantly seeking external recognition through recognized and prestigious organizational certifications. For this purpose, manages the organizations’ projects and services, conducted through a proactive leadership, based on informed decision making, supported on careful risk management, in know-how, and in values that inspire excellent attitudes and employees’ behaviors.

This set of assumptions enhances the success of our commitments, constituting themselves as a company responsibility and of each of its employees, in order to ensure:

  • Total client satisfaction in the quality of our solutions and services as a reason for business success;

  • The products and services quality and improvement with deadlines and prices tailored to the client’s needs, providing them solutions, systems and innovative services that grant them competitive advantages;

  • The consolidation of an innovative culture as one of our organizational capital gains, allowing the emergence of new ideas and the respective valuation in all our areas of work;

  • The personal and professional employees’ development through an appropriate balance of training and practice, fostering the development of an attitude focused on excellence and teamwork;

  • Providing an healthy and challenging work environment, as well as the best possible conditions for the various activities particularly with regard to occupational health and safety, preventing possible injuries and ill health, and promoting the improvement of the organization's performance in terms of occupational health and safety;

  • Proper management of natural resources, energy and waste, promoting the prevention and environmental management best practices within the framework of our activities, allowing a sustained and harmonious development, however ensuring the competitiveness of the organization;

  • A socially enriching intervention, through initiatives that contribute to personal and social development of citizens in general, in the regions in which we operate, and in particular in the families of our employees;

  • Strict adherence to the technical standards integrated into the features of our products, as well as certification and accreditation standards for which we are certified/accredited, or with the respective process of certification /accreditation in progress;

  • Rigorous compliance with legal and regulatory standards applicable to all our activities.

In order to ensure a complete and clear understanding of this policy and all its implications in the operation of our activities, Altice Labs management publicly expresses the willingness to dialogue on the performance of the Integrated Management System with all stakeholders namely employees, unions, suppliers / sub-suppliers, clients, non-governmental organizations, national government entities.

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