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“The Lisbon Experience: Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation” @ ENTER

08/08/2018     NOVA SBE

From the 2nd to 11th July, a summer programme was organized, "The Lisbon Experience: Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation", whose purpose was to bring together the academic excellence and the Lisbon’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, to have an impact on students' academic and professional choices

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96th Tech Day: "Virtual assistants and the future"

02/08/2018     Tech Day

On the 27th June, the 96th Tech Day was held under the theme "Virtual assistants and the future", where it was presented what has been being developed by Altice PT and Altice Labs in the context of the market challenges related to virtual assistants

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Tailor-made innovative solutions

Solutions that help your business

Open your network to the future

PON solutions are scalable and flexible best of breed xPON platforms and equipments.

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Improved health, safety and well-being of people

SmartAL is a technological ecosystem simplifying people’s daily lives from the health, social and safety point of view.

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Improve customer satisfaction

Provide a higher service quality and customer experience while optimizing both physical and human resources.

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Promoting change through innovation